Harvesting innovations through technology to create a more inclusive agricultural transformation in Indonesia

September 9 - November 10, 2021

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3 Problem Statements


Enhancing farm productivity and making production systems more resilient to shocks, including climate shocks 


Facilitating farmers access to markets (finance, input, output) and enhance distribution to create a more beneficial output for farmers


Supporting public sector decision-making to accelerate the development of Indonesian agriculture ecosystem



To immerse themselves in a set of program that consists of:


Participate in some fun and friendly competition -  Develop your digital skills with self-paced technical upskilling challenge.

Cloud Skills Challenge


Start on 10 September until 28 october 2021.

Digital skilling Challenge that all you need to do is complete the designated collections according to the role of your choice.

Cultivhacktion Opening Ceremony & Problem Statement Talks



The Mentors Include

Preliminary Round Judges

Final Round Judges




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The Top 10 Teams are qualified to further develop their solutions and be guided by prominent mentors in agribusiness, business and technology and compete in the final round for the Top 3 Solutions.



10 teams will get a chance to develop their solutions with experts and pitch to key players in the agriculture sector. 


Opportunity to be selected to work with smallhoder farmers as part of development projects such as with The World Bank and FAO


Visibility to partners that run accelerator programs such as Plug &  Play, MDI Ventures and Microsoft


Access to agribusiness and subject matter experts in agriculture
through partners such as GrowAsia, PISAgro and IPB University


If shortlisted, gain access to proprietary datasets

Get the chance to get a total prize of Rp 125.000.000

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For 3 teams

Rp. 30.000.000


For 7 teams

Rp. 5.000.000






What is CultivHacktion?

The World Bank Group, Microsoft, TaniHub, in partnership with the MoA and other key players in the digital agriculture sector, envision a series of hackathons and innovation challenges to facilitate the acceleration of disruptive agriculture technology adoption in Indonesia. Under the collaboration with GIZ, FAO, GrowAsia, IPB University, Data Science Indonesia, and the West Java Provincial Government, the first hackathon – “CultivHacktion” will be held from September to November 2021, focusing on the West Java horticulture sector. The hackathons and innovation challenges will serve as a platform for a wide range of actors in digital agriculture (e.g., governments, private sector, academia, civil society organizations (CSOs), tech innovators, and farmers) to interact and learn from each other, build networks, find synergies, as well as co-invest to support the further development and scaling up of promising AgTech solutions.

What are the problem statements?

Participants will be invited to submit solutions around three broad themes that reflect challenges faced by the central and subnational governments as well as private sector actors in agriculture.
1. Enhancing farm productivity and making production systems more resilient to shocks, including climate shocks. 2. Facilitating farmers access to markets (finance, input, output). 3. Supporting public sector decision-making.
The three Problem Statements come from three different perspectives - Central Government, Provincial Government and Private sector on the use of data.

Should the thematic areas within the application need to be tied to the problem statements?

Yes. The submitted proposals must address at least one of the three problem statements

How many winners are selected?

Based on the open call for submissions, top 10 teams will be selected. The 10 teams will be given access to datasets, receive mentorship and be invited to make a detailed submission of their solution. From this submission 3 winning teams will be selected.

When is the deadline for the submission?

Call for Proposal Submissions closes on October 24, 2021

When will the shortlisted teams be announced?

Based on the proposal submissions, 10 teams will be short-listed and intimated by October 27, 2021. The public announcement of the same will be on October 27, 2021. Please note that only the 10 shortlisted innovations will be contacted.

I do not have an MVP. Am I still eligible to submit proposal?

To be considered for being selected in the Top 10 teams the submission must include an MVP. We highly encourage you to sign up for the Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge to create an MVP and then submit the proposal online

How are the Top 10 teams selected?

The proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
1. Must be serving farmers in Indonesia
2. For the Top 10 participants, they must demonstrate their solutions on Azure, with the assistance from Microsoft mentors and Azure credits
3. Must have a revenue generating business model
4. Must be in validation/scaling stage of business
5. Must address at least one of the 3 Problem Statements
6. Must combine digital technologies, data analytics and innovations, and have a strong component of emerging technologies
7. Must have strong technical and functional capabilities among the team members

Who will be the judges?

The list of judges for the preliminary and finals can be found in the Mentors and Judges section of our website

What are the costs of participating?

Participation and submission at all stages of the hackathon is free of cost

Will the teams be given access to datasets?

Yes. All the teams have access to datasets our team have put together and available at data source. Top 10 teams will also have access to several non-public datasets such as Planet Data, EdenFarm’s historic Chili Prices Data, and Microsoft Space Eye data.

Is there mentoring available?

Top 10 teams will be supported by mentors with AgTech Domain expertise, Data and Technology experts, and Business Development Trainers to help them prepare the final submissions

Where can I find the agenda and timeline?

The latest agenda and timeline can be found in our website or Participant Handbook

Are we allowed to use third party components like open-source libraries to implement the solution?

You can use any software, provided these are declared in the presentation and submission and are being used lawfully i.e., under license.

I am having issues submitting my proposal. What should I do?

Please email the error message that you see while submitting the proposal to cultivhacktion@outlook.com

Who can we contact for any questions and concerns not listed in the FAQ?

Please email us your question to cultivhacktion@outlook.com

Should the proposal be written in Indonesian or English language?

Submissions can be written in English or Bahasa Indonesia (in .docx or .odf format).

What is Cloud Skills Challenge?

  • Clould Skills Challenge is an upskilling program designed to demonstrate the value of agriculture data and digital technologies in helping to solve Indonesia’s agri-food sector’s key challenges as well as build the capacities of innovators to develop digital solutions for agriculture.
  • It is a self-paced technical upskilling challenge to prepare yourself to unlock agriculture innovation.
  • It is a fun and friendly competition with others in completing learning modules to prepare your digital skills before joining Cultivhacktion.

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